Bournemouth man jailed for theft and breach of court order

A Bournemouth man has been sentenced to 112 days in prison for breaking into a car and failing to carry out his community service order.

Adrian Janocha, 25, of Hahnemann road, received a suspended prison sentence of 12 weeks and a 120-hour community service order in January last year for two counts of theft and going equipped to steal.

Bournemouth Magistrate’s Court heard how Janocha was identified by fingerprints after breaching his suspended sentence by breaking into a car and stealing a sat nav, stereo, sub woofer and speakers.

Janocha also failed to turn up to two counts of unpaid work for his community service order.

The defendant pleaded guilty to theft and stated he was drunk at the time of the incident. He was ordered to pay £85 in court costs and £250 compensation to the vehicle owner, as the stolen items were never recovered.

District Judge House said: “What we have in your case is two breaches of the community order put together with reoffending, so I’m having to issue a period of imprisonment. If you behave yourself in prison your time will automatically be cut in half.”

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