Kitesurfing in Bournemouth after snow

What have you done on a snow day, stayed at home with with the heating on? Gone outside to make snowmen? How about sea sports? Some kitesurfing amateurs in Bournemouth played with the winds and waves after the snow fell this weekend.

Pongpat Sombatpanich, 24, from Winton, said: “When I was walking along the beach with my friends, I got quite a shock by some kites in the sky. It was so impressive that some people were fighting with the sea.”


One of the kitesurfing players Paul Webber, from Poole, said: “As long as there is wind I will kite surf. I have the right equipment to keep warm so the temperature doesn’t bother me. I particularly like it when’s it’s very windy and lots of big waves.”

Paul has played kitesurfing for more than six years. He got a kitesurfing lesson given as a birthday present from his wife. Since then he has been hooked and has loved the sport. “It’s so much fun and challenging. It’s such a healthy way to go out and enjoy yourself.”

“Time and effort is the key to progress. Every time you go out, there’s something new to learn. The conditions with the wind and water constantly change affecting the way you ride out on the water. There’s the challenge of learning new tricks and jumping higher and higher. The power, grace and changing surface of the waves make each one unique and special. The sport is only limited by your imagination.” Modestly, Paul said: “There are so many great kite surfers out there and I’m only scratching the surface in comparison to them.”


Learn more about kitesurfing, go: Bournemouth Boarding

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