Bournemouth teens fundraise for Down’s

A group of Bournemouth teenage entrepreneurs are organising a talent show to raise money for the Downs Syndrome Association

 A group of Bournemouth ‘dragons’ are using their entrepreneurial skills to fundraise for the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA).

The teenagers, who call themselves Team Dragon,  have won £1000 in funding from Bournemouth YMCA  Shore Ideas, a social media enterprise which enables  young people  to raise money for charity.

“There is a wide range of charities that we could have picked but we wanted to go with one that had a personal link to us. We chose the Down’s Syndrome Association because my four year old cousin has Down’s Syndrome and the charity has been a huge help to my aunt and uncle,” said Max Norris,15, Bournemouth.

Team Dragon are organising a talent show and asking people aged between 8 and 21 to enter.  The finale, hosted by CBeebies star Chris Jarvis, will be held at the Bournemouth Pavilion on May 4 and proceeds will go to the DSA and Shore Ideas.

The Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) is the only organisation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland which supports people with Down’s syndrome at every stage of life.

Xanthe Breen, Press and Campaign Officer at the DSA, said: “We are not government funded so we rely solely on our fundraisers for support, and need to raise approximately £2 million a year to do so. We are really impressed with Max Norris and everyone on Team Dragon and wish them every success and send our sincere thanks.”

Shore Ideas is a catalyst to promote social entrepreneurship in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch by providing youths with resources, funding and mentoring to facilitate community projects.

“I am in charge of turning Team Dragon from good to great. We can never do enough to help young people” – Cllr Blair Crawford

Team Dragon are being mentored by Bournemouth YMCA CEO and Councillor Blair Crawford, who is helping them to fulfil their potential and prepare them for the workplace.

“I am in charge of turning Team Dragon from good to great. We can never do enough to help young people, employers often say that when young people come in through the door they are not work ready. We need to do whatever we can to help them, ” said Blair Crawford.

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