Bournemouth to become Fairtrade town

The Bournemouth Fairtrade Town Steering Group has started a campaign to raise awareness regarding fair trade and make Bournemouth a Fairtrade town. The campaign aims to encourage people to think about where our food comes from and to support the people who grow it by buying products carrying the Fairtrade mark.

‘Go further’ this fortnight’, running through Sunday March 10 also joins in with climate week, which starts on Monday March 4.

Chris Shiel, Chair of the Bournemouth Fairtrade Town Steering Group said that the campaign to make Bournemouth a Fairtrade town was gathering momentum, and ask for people to join in buying fairtrade products.

Bournemouth Council was the first local authority in the UK to endorse the Earth Charter back in 2008 and have since then worked to achieve Fairtrade status for the town. To become a Fairtrade town Bournemouth needs to meet certain criteria set up by Fairtrade UK, which includes local council support of fair trade, availability of fair trade products, local support from businesses and organisations and an appointed steering group.

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment, said:”Look out for the Fairtrade mark when you’re shopping and be confident that those who are at the other end of the supply chain are getting a fair deal for what they produce.”

Wimborne achieved fairtrade status in 2006 and Robert Pierce Chair of Wimborne Fairtrade steering group welcomed the initiative. “When we received Fairtrade status in 2006, we only had about six shops who sold Fairtrade products, now we have about 30-40.”  The status was achieved after local promotion and pressure. However, Mr Pierce said there was still lots to be done. “We hope to get pubs and jewelers involved as well. Selling Fairtrade drinks, tea and coffee or fair mined gold can help. We hope the local pressure can make changes in the bigger companies when they realize the commercial interests.”

Main image: Stirling Union

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