Brexit equals cutting bridges – Bournemouth man says

Jack Gorelick is a retired English teacher who Britain leaving the EU is not a good idea.

A Bournemouth man says he thinks about leaving the UK because of Brexit.

Jack Gorelick  who is an English Jew says Britain leaving the EU is not a good idea.

The retired English teacher blames the politicians for the mess the country is in because of Brexit.

“It is pathetic. We are in a terrible mess. Cut the bridge with Europe, and I think that is a mistake. The way forward for humanity, is for people to come together, the aim we should have. What they want now is to cut the bridge,  so we would be alone”.

Describing them as anti-semitic and racist, Mr. Gorelick expressed his deep dissatisfaction for the labor party, arguing that it has now made him incapable of voting for them because he is Jewish.

A pensioner and former English Teacher, Jack  has taught English language in many countries around the world especially countries amongst  the European Union, this could be the reason behind his strong  and mixed feeling about Brexit.

The Labor Party’s website says it is “an anti-racist party, committed to combating and campaigning against all forms of racism, including antisemitism and Islamophobia”.

Claiming that he feel is unhappy and distressed about the whole situation, Mr. Gorelick plans to travel to India where he hopes it will be warm enough for him, find friendly people to talk to and play his flute.

Listen to Jack’s interview below:


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