Cancer Research UK needs Bournemouth to Race for life

On June 16 Cancer Research UK will be hosting a sponsored Race for life in Bournemouth to raise money for all 200 types of cancer.

Rachel Northover, the South team Area Event Manager said “There are not any figures available yet on how many have signed up for the run.”

We are hoping to raise £475,000 in sponsorship from the Bournemouth, Poole and Kingston Lacy events -Rachel Northover

In 2010, 324,579 people in the UK were diagnosed with cancer; in 2012 Cancer Research UK received over £452,000 in sponsorship from the Bournemouth and Poole events.


A new advancement from Cancer Research UK is the discovery that a drug called Docetaxel which is normally used to treat undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer can be used to increase survival rates by 40% for those suffering with stomach and oesophagael cancer according to the results of a Cancer Research UK trial shown at the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Kate Law, Cancer Research UK’s director of clinical research, said: “These exciting results from our trial provide the evidence that Docetaxel is effective when patient’s initial treatment for advanced stomach cancer wasn’t effective. We hope that Docetaxel can be made available on the NHS as soon as possible to treat the disease.” Hopefully news of Docetaxel will be the breakthrough that will inspire even more people to join the run and help reach the £475,000 target.

If you wish to learn more about the sponsored run please visit their site here.

Main image: Cancer research UK

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