Editor’s Blog: 02/02/12

In today’s edition of The Breaker, sandwiched between Andria Archontidesmonkeys and Ashley Crowson’s blue balls, you will find some hedgehogs, a taxi rank, and the Orion nebula.

This is the diversity of stories populating The Breaker website today.

Alongside these are a variety of international reports, two of which utilise cutting-edge social media content curation platform storify.

And accompanying these are a variety of articles which report and analyse current happenings in the Dorset area.

Debuting this week is The Breaker podcast, an irreverent and authentic insight into a day in the life of one-third of The Breaker team: Did you know that our star reporter sleeps on the floor of the newsroom?

We feel that this edition has struck a good balance between important issues and humour, and hope that you, the reader, feel the same.






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