Horizon exhibition in Walford Mill shows fantastic things

A lovely toy cat made by Holly Gatrell, a workshop tutor, is displayed in exhibition in  Walford Mill

Horizon exhibition in Walford Mill Crafts is a success of education charity. This exhibition is a showcase of products by tutors and students who participated in workshops and activities arranged by Walford Mill Crafts.


Walford Mill Crafts is located in Wimbourne, which is a small exhibition hall connected with a shop. This exhibition is a continuous exhibition after a success last education charity. All the exhibits can be sold.


Not all the exhibits can be introduced. Silver products, textile products and paintings are all exhibits in this exhibition.


Then, some exhibits made in Clay interested me. They were colourful and beautiful. They are made by Janna Edwards and her students. She encouraged people who wanted to take part in her workshop to bring pictures of birds they wanted to make and that she will help students to create their pieces.


The most amazing and fantastic display products were the wire sculptures. Most of the wire sculptures are animals. They are made by Celia Smith and her students. They made the sculptures as 3D framework using recycled wires and are displayed at the right sides of the exhibition room.

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