Global buddies hosts sociolingo session

Bournemouth University’s Global Buddies program has held its first sociolingo gathering.

Participants are given stickers of the language they wish to learn and the one they speak, to pin on their dress for easy identification and association.

Caroline Earth of Bournemouth University revealed that the sociolingual event was organised to provide students an informal and sociable environment where they can speak and learn other languages and learn thier cultures to break down barriers of communication and interraction.

The event had Bournemouth University international students and other people in Bournemouth participating and learning to speak foreign languages from several countries around the world.

Lewis Walker the leader of Global Buddies and a linguist himself,  speaks on the motivation behind the sociolingo gathering.

“I like speaking foreign languages myself,  and I was a part of a similar program when I went abroad. Considering the fact that Bournemouth is such a diverse international community,I thought it would be such a good idea to do something similar here”.

The event was attended by international students from Bournemouth University, Arts University Bournemouth and people of Bournemouth.

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