‘I can now take things at my own pace’

Daisy Webb, student

I hate school. It’s the worst part of my day. It’s a shit hole, and it has a toxic atmosphere. All the facilities are run down, and I only like about four people.

My relationship with my teachers is a mixed bag. I know that it’s natural to have favourites, but a lot of teachers are way too obvious about their favourites. My chemistry teacher spends the whole lesson talking to [the boys] for no reason.

Our graphics teacher was talking about the strikes a lot before they happened, and about how the teachers were all planning to strike. A lot of students agree that the teachers should strike, because they deserve more pay. We know first-hand that the teachers do a very gruelling job, with seeing a lot of the students in our school.

We’ve missed one day so far because of the strikes, but we’re also gonna miss next Thursday. I don’t think it’s had that much effect on our learning, because most of us are now doing revision at home anyway. It now gives my day more of a relaxed feel because I’m not under pressure to wake up early in the morning, and I don’t feel like I’m rushing in adverse of punishment. Instead I can now take things at my own pace in a much more relaxed setting. And, now, I can stay in and sleep.

As told to Jack Webb.

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