International charity recruits at Bournemouth University for community projects in Uganda.

Started in 2008 by then students, Tom Gill and Carla Powell, East African Playgrounds is a charity that works with improvised communities in Uganda to build safe, reliable and ethical playgrounds for children. As well as providing students and young people the opportunity to volunteer abroad and experience a whole new culture and way of life.

East Africa Playgrounds gives children their childhood back

Speaking about the charity and its benefits for children in Uganda, Andy King, a Partnership Manager for the charity, had this to say, “East Africa Playgrounds gives children their childhood back, and teaches them new skills through educational play.”

Their Impact

To date, with over 200 playgrounds built, benefiting an astounding 300,000 children, the work of East Africa Playgrounds hasn’t been in vain – they are well and truly changing lives for the better. With such a focus on hard work and compassion, East Africa Playgrounds has also attracted brand partnerships from industry heavyweights UNICEF, Plan International and World Vision. At the same time, their efforts have earned them such accolades as FSI Small Charities Big Impact Award and other such international awards.

And that’s how East Africa PLaygrounds found itself at Bournemouth University, just one of the many stops on their nationwide tour to drum up interest and to sign students up, to possibly a summer of a lifetime.

It looks great on your CV

On the professional benefits to students, Simon Pinney, an international project assistant, said this, “It looks great on your CV, and about 1 in 4 employers hire candidates based on their volunteering and fundraising experience. It helps you get ahead of the curve by showing your skills in resilience, time management and the ability to get a job done.”

While speaking from a personal perspective, Katie Horner, a student at BU and former volunteer, said this, “My experience very positive. I only really knew one person going out to Uganda, but by the time I left, I had made so many new friends.”

For more information on East Africa Playgrounds, visit them online

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