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Plant-based eatery, cocktail and juice bar to open in Bournemouth

The new establishment, named Twelve, which will also offer cold-pressed juices, cocktails and a vegan wine list, is set to open in November.

The directors of the health-focused brand, Dalton Mello and Greg Rush, from London, wanted to launch their first plant-based restaurant in Dorset.

‘Twelve is a bridge for a lot of people who are not quite sure how to follow a plant-based diet,’ said Mello.

Sustainable sourcing

Located in the popular Triangle, the pair wanted to create a ‘café culture’, offering organic coffee with a unique bird friendly certification.

12% of their coffee sales will be donated to RSPB to protect wildlife species.

‘The purpose of the restaurant is to welcome everybody. They will be introduced to something innovative and unique,’ said Mello.

The pair believe that their business model is much-needed in Bournemouth after nearly three years of preparation. This comes after a surge in the amount of people who follow a plant-based or vegan lifestyle in the UK over the past decade.

You can still enjoy pretty much everything in your lifestyle without giving anything up

The goal for the duo is to eventually be plastic and waste-free, as well as sourcing their organic produce locally.

‘We are working hard to get a zero-waste policy restaurant,’ said Mello.

With the increasing number of those who identify as vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, this 100% plant-based kitchen will offer refreshing options that are not currently available in chain restaurants.

The exciting endeavour will feature ‘elements of both comfort and raw food,’ said Rush.

The eatery menu will include an interpretation of ‘world classic’ dishes, as well as cold-pressed, organic juices, which all aim to be rich in nutrients.


However, health benefits were not the only reason behind the decision to open the business.

The idea behind Twelve was ‘animal welfare,’ said Rush.

‘To be Twelve, is to be part of our journey and this idea, in a cruelty-free and healthy environment,’ said Mello.

‘Twelve is a restaurant that just happens to be vegan. We want to take plant-based diets to a different level and help people understand that you can still enjoy pretty much everything in your lifestyle without giving anything up.’


For more information on Twelve Eatery, visit their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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