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Poole Town Chairman urges fans to return to clean language

Poole Town F.C. Chairman Chris Reeves has urged the club’s fans to improve their behaviour at home and away matches.

Reeves, who was Vice-Chairman before he took over the role of Chairman, believes the Dolphins fans’ vocal, but polite support has previously distinguished them from other non-league sides.

The Dolphins, who lie in 5th place in the Southern League, look set for a playoff place again as their recent successes in the division continue.

“There is the foul language creeping in and I’m just so disappointed by that.”

“Regrettably it seems to be part of human nature. People use language at football matches they wouldn’t use elsewhere.”

But Chairman, Reeves laments the loss of a uniqueness amongst the vocal support at the matches.

“The support we’re getting now is unbelievable, its fantastic and uplifting for the players. But there is the foul language creeping in and I’m just so disappointed by that.”

The clubs’ vocal support behind the goal over the years, has often had a zero-tolerance policy with regard to bad language.

Reeves believes this caused the Dolphins’ support to “stand out”.

The Chairman also expressed his disdain for those who have recently directed abuse at opposition players.

“That is unacceptable. We all know how horrible it is to lose a game of football and we should respect that feeling.”

However, he firmly believes the club’s recent away support has been tremendous and is proud to see the club growing.

“Seeing the Poole Town flag behind the goal at away games is always a boost. I’m chuffed to witness it.”

“I regard it as a great privilege”

Reeves also spoke about the pride he takes in his role at Poole Town. His spell at the club has seen the club claim 5 league titles, 2 runners-up positions and a slew of promotions as high as the National League South.

Despite this, Reeves says he’s still a supporter first.

“First and foremost, I like to think of myself as a fan. I went to see my first game at Poole stadium in 1965.”

“I’ve been in the role of Chairman really for a long time, I like to think I have a relationship with the players in a way that is not as common as I think it ought to be. I’m still respectful of the dressing room. I regard it as a great privilege that the players and manager are comfortable with me being in the dressing room.”

Chris Reeves balances his duties at Poole Town with his role as a consultant at Jacobs and Reeves in Poole, a position which he moved to in 2006 after previously acting as Senior Partner at the firm.

The Chairman’s sense of responsibility and commitment to the football club, the team and the fans is still strong as ever, though. And while Reeves says he longs for the days of cleaner chants from fans, he accepts it’s difficult to tackle.

Though he does have an old favourite he wishes the crowd would return to chanting as Poole march towards the playoffs once again.

“He kicks to the left, he kicks to the right, the [blank] goalie, his kicking is shhhhhhhhhh. I just thought that one was great.”


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