“It’s about reclaiming the street as a safe space”

Women’s Action Network Dorset (WAND) is organising a march through the Dorchester streets to ‘Reclaim the Night’ on the 25th November.

Emma Scott has been helping organise the event for ten years said: “The march symbolises the right of women to be able to go out after dark and to feel safe and secure.

“Many if not all women have found themselves feeling very insecure and dangerous on the streets throughout their lives. I know this happens to men also. Men are also at risk at violence in different ways  but women are at particular risk of attack. So, it really is just about reclaiming the streets as a safe space.”

Scott mentions that the turn out is not always more than fifty people but “it’s a lovely and welcoming evening.”

The fundraising event will include other activities like a drumming workshop with Organic Rhythm, a buffet supper and a charity auction.

“We are more encouraging of men attending the event for the last couple of years. Some women are a little uncomfortable about it but actually we had one year, a man who bought  two young women with him. They both had experienced sexual violence in their lives and they were able to attend the event because he came and supported them,” added Scott.

Last year the of the auction event had managed to raise over £700.

The event is planned to take place on the same day as ‘International End Violence Against Women Day’.

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