Bournemouth councillor re-instated in new-look cabinet

After last year’s spat with former Council Leader Peter Charon, Councillor Nicola Greene finds a place in the new-look Bournemouth cabinet.

Nicola Greene, the councillor who was sacked last year, has been reinstated in Bournemouth’s cabinet by the new Conservative leader, John Beesley.

She has been appointed as the deputy leader of Bournemouth Borough Council and will also retain her previous position as Cabinet member for Education and Children Services. “Time has moved on since December. We have a new leader and we are glad to be working under him,” she told The Breaker.

Councilor Greene was dropped from her post as education head for Bournemouth by former council leader Peter Charon, after disagreements over performing her job. This led to calls by fellow Tory party colleagues asking for her immediate reinstatement into the Cabinet.

Wednesday was Councillor Greene’s first day back in office as a Cabinet member after last year’s disagreements, and she said: “I didn’t feel as though I had left. As a ward councillor my responsibilities did not reduce.” Councillor Greene was appointed at a Full Council meeting on Tuesday evening, when leader of the council John Beesley conducted a cabinet reshuffle.

Speaking about last year’s confrontations with former council leader Peter Charon, Cllr Greene refrained from getting into the any details. However, she said, “I enjoyed my time at the council last year.”

Since her appointment, Cllr Greene has not been wasting any time, as she has taken charge of the education projects in Bournemouth. “There is a programme we are getting underway  that ensures we have enough primary school places for Bournemouth kids and we are also investing in two of our secondary schools,” she added.

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