Bournemouth Pier snow

Snowfall in Bournemouth

Bournemouth was struck by a heavy snowfall during the night of March 10.

Temperatures will remain throughout the day at an average of minus one degrees celsius. Jonny Hughes, a representative of the Met office said: “There has been a biting wind gail force and a few snow showers throughout the day but nothing beyond today.”

Usually snowfalls end in schools, businesses, or roads being closed or affected in some way but not today. Julie Munson, a communications officer for Bournemouth Borough Council said: “No nothing has been closed, we’ve been out gritting the roads early this morning, nothings happened that we know of.”

However Bournemouth Pier has been closed due to the heavy snowfall.

Take a look at some of Dorset’s best snapshots of the snow!

Main Image by Maren Lund.

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