State of art in Poole

Artists and Art Gallery Owners in Poole feel the need for better marketing strategies. A lack of non-commercial art galleries in the area have prompted art enthusiasts to look for new ways to sell their works.

Artists and gallery owners in Poole feel the need for better marketing strategies.

With popular art galleries such as the Kube closing down, and others like the Lighthouse allegedly not providing enough opportunities for upcoming artists, enthusiasts are being forced to look at other avenues.

Owner of the Framemakers Picture Gallery, Keith Howe said: “The artist has to get out there and market himself. If he doesn’t do that there is no other way he can sell his product.”

Some of those in business feel the need for artists to promote themselves online. Anne Hayton, owner of Towngate art gallery says that the business is getting more and more difficult and there is a need for artists to use mediums such as the internet to promote themselves.

However, not all artists share the same sentiments. Local artist Stephen Bishop said “Artists should be doing what they are good at and passionate about and they will eventually find an audience.” He feels that one shouldn’t be thinking from the market perspective.

The Poole and Dorset Art Society runs the Peacock Gallery which is one of the very few non-commercial galleries in the area. Norma Rawlings, the publicity officer of the gallery feels the need for more non-commercial art galleries in Poole. She says many of the current galleries are commercial in nature and art and independent artists in the area need more support.

It is clear that there needs to be more ideas on how to promote art and art culture in Poole. However, artists and art gallery owners seem to have conflicting ideas about it.
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