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Students and shoppers cause parking problems on Winton’s residential roads

Winton residents are struggling to keep spaces clear to park cars near their homes, as students and shoppers fill local roads.

As the academic year begins at Bournemouth University, residents are finding it difficult to leave vehicles near their homes. Students moving back to Winton have led to an increased number of vehicles on roads in the borough, creating an inevitable parking problem for residents and students alike.

“Outside my house we have a white line, which we paid for” says Karen, a Winton resident living on Parker Road. “But when you get, students mainly, that park on there for two or three days – where do I park? I feel I paid for the privilege to be able to park outside my house” she says.

Students not only to blame

Adding even more fuel to the fire it seems are the shoppers, causing further problems for residents as they attempt to find a spot to park before venturing on to Winton’s busy high street. So what can be done about it?

“Permit parking? Maybe” says Karen.

Other local roads like Kemp Road near by suggest that permit parking might be the answer. A system is available for residents to request Bournemouth Borough Council to implement a parking scheme in their area, assuming neighbours agree that it is needed. “I think they did ask about one for this road” says Karen, “but they must have rejected it as nothing ever happened.”

Not just a Bournemouth problem

This not just a Bournemouth problem according to Karen. “Anywhere that has a university, a busy city, not just Winton – there is so many more cars on the roads and we all want to drive our cars, so I just don’t think there’s a way to stop it” she says.

But it seems residents like Karen are understanding of the problem students face when looking for spaces, before making their way to BU’s campus. “I understand that they want to leave their cars because the uni is not far from here, just be more considerate of where you park – not on people’s driveways!”

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