The Boscombe market: A place of comfortable shopping

Shopping at Boscombe market is still a firm favourite with local residents who claim they like the atmosphere.

Shopping at Boscombe market on Thursdays and Saturdays has become tradition for some Bournemouth locals. Even with recession, the market continues to get sales from loyal customers.

Fruit and veg trader, Marley Burnett said: “Most of our customers are older people who like the market ambience. The younger crowd, mainly students seem to prefer going to the shops.”

Several residents of Bournemouth have been customers at Boscombe market for years.

Bournemouth local, Sarah Denning said: “I shop mostly at the market because of the atmosphere. I have been coming here for 25 years. I rarely walk into a shop. It’s become a habit and tradition to shop here now.”

Boscombe resident, Andrew Alderton told The Breaker: “I shop more in the markets than in the retail stores. Although the markets have become quieter due to recession, I still prefer the market to the retail stores. It’s a better environment to shop in than the stores.”

However, for some it remains a mix of both retail stores and the market.

Another bournemouth resident, Diogo Calado said: “It’s a bit of a mixture. I like shopping in the market because it’s a cheerful and active space but there are some things that I don’t find there which I need to get in the retail stores.”

Mr. Burnett added: “The markets will never die out. There are customers who come by every week. They enjoy shopping here and even with recession they haven’t cut back too much. They’re the ones who keep the place lively and bring us sales.”


Listen in on what regular shoppers at the Boscombe market have to say.

[audio:|titles=Vox Pops on Boscombe market ]


Picture: Shivani Dave

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