Ways to keep safe in the cold

It is extremely cold in Dorset this morning with snow and strong winds. The met office has issued an amber warning around Dorset with storm Emma coming this afternoon with blizzards and drifting snow. Temperatures will  mainly stay below zero. We advice people to stay as much as they can, covered by a blanket and a good cup of tea. However, if you need to go out here are some tips to keep safe:

Make sure to keep on top on any weather update

Make sure you are up to date with the latest update. The weather can change very quickly.

Dress warmly

Dress in layers with the most natural fabric closest to your skin.
Wear a hat and mittens. Keep your face warm with scarf or facemask.
Wear waterproof footwear and warm socks.

Try to avoid getting wet. If you are sweating under your clothes, lose a layer. 

Make sure you have enough food in the fridge.

Warm soups and hot meals will keep you warm.

Keep track on traffic news before travelling in your car.

Drive according to the weather. Keep in mind that in snowy weather you have to increase the gap between you and the car before you. Drive slow and be alerted.


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