‘We got the experience but we didn’t get marked or assessed’

Amber Jackson, student

It was a bit disheartening that we didn’t get to showcase what we worked so hard for. It also doesn’t really fill you with much confidence or make me feel inspired to work as hard if I know that there is going to be a strike on our assessment day.

Our teachers were on a picket line during our assessment day and we couldn’t perform in front of them. We still performed what we had in front of each other which was useful. We got the experience but we didn’t get marked or assessed.

Yet, I support teachers in striking because they deserve better pay and a better working environment. I believe they’re doing this to make sure that future teachers and actors have better support systems. I’m not angry at them, I’m just annoyed at the university in general and I’m hoping that the strike doesn’t go on for too long.

Even though they aren’t supposed to share too much information about the strike, we still support them. I definitely support the teachers and I know that what they are fighting for is of utmost importance. The university definitely needs to do something to help the teachers and hopefully get classes back on track.

As told to Ayshath Libana

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