10 travel tips: Italy

The land of pizza and pasta, Berlusconi and Ferrari, Balotelli and Pavarotti. There is so much cultural diversity and so many historic sites to see in this country, Italy has something for everyone!

Here are our 10 travels tips to Italy:

  • Eat and drink!

When you go to Italy ditch your diet and eat some carbs! Even though pizza and pasta are mandatory, don’t forget to indulge in some gelato, mozzarella, ammazzacaffe’, and of course drink some local delicious wine!

  • Take a train!

Italy has some amazing scenery, book an inter-rail train ticket and go traveling. The trip from Florence to Rome goes through Assisi and is definitely worth the time.

  • Visit the Colosseum

When in Rome! Rumour has it that the amphitheater will be closed to the public in the near future because of the damages it suffers from the constant flow of people. However, if you get there in time just make sure you are ready to wait in line, and wait,and then wait some more; especially if you go during the summer months.

  • Rome

While in Rome make sure you not only see the Colosseum, but also the Spanish steps, Trevi Fontain, and Piazza Navona. These are just some of the basic tourist places to see. Bring some good shoes or hop on a sightseeing bus and get the whole experience of all the historic places this city has to offer.

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  • Go to Tuscany

Visit the area known for its fine wine and the birthplace of the Italian renaissance. Here you can find the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Florence, the medieval town of San Gimignano and tons of other cultural sites. It’s also known for its 120 different nature reserves.

  • Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

If you go to Milan this is a given! The cathedral is the fifth largest in the world and took almost six centuries to finish. It’s located in the middle of Milan on Piazza del Duomo. Also located in the same square is the oldest shopping mall in Italy. The gallery is known for its luxury boutiques and also as the home of some of the oldest bars and restaurants in Milan.

  • Sicily and Sardinia

Visit the two largest islands in the Mediterranean sea. The breathtaking scenery and turquoise water are just some of the perks of the islands. In Sardinia more people live to be 100 years than anywhere else in the world, which means they’re obviously doing something right. The cuisine is distinct for both islands but also has the traditional pizza and pasta repertoire. The architecture is as stunning as the rest of Italy.

  • Navigli Milan

When you’re done with all the culture and tourist stuff in Milan take a walk down to Navigli. The area is up and coming and you can spot anything from hipsters to local jazz musicians. The urban area is known for friendlier prices than the rest of Milan and a buzzing nightlife.

  • Football

Known for having some of the best leagues in the world, the opportunities to see a game are always present. If you’re a Serie A fan, go to San Siro if you’re in Milan, or Olimpico if you’re in Rome.

  • Vatican City

This sovereign city is located within Rome and has the Pope as its head of state. The main thing to do in Vatican City is to visit St. Peter’s Cathedral; see “The Creation of Adam” painted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, visit the museum, and of course go into St.Peter’s Basilica. If you just want to enter the Basilica, you can get in line in front of the entrance, and if you want to see the chapel and museum you need go around the entire church and get a guide. You should also be prepared to wait in line. No matter what you decide, try to get there as early as possible and don’t forget to cover your knees and shoulders.


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