Billy Connolly at BIC

As part of his main live UK tour 2012, Billy Connolly will be cheering up Bournemouth along with 22 other cities and towns in the UK. Ilker Kocas looks at his stand up comedy act.

His show can best be described as an observational comedy. Be prepared to hear the F word and sexual jokes. You better be ready to die from laughter because Scotish comedian Billy Connolly AKA The Big Yin will make you uncontrollably giggle at his stand up gig.

The Big Yin will stage his stand up show in 22 cities and towns in the UK.

As part of the main live UK tour 2012, Billy Connolly will be cheering up Bournemouth.

No worries if you did not make the Wednesday show, he will perform at the Bournemouth Pavilion on Thursday at 8pm and an extra date has been added for Friday 9, March.

Even though Billy Connolly is acclaimed as one of Britain’s most influential comedians, he lost some of his fans after leaving the stage in the middle of his show in both Blackpool and Scarborough in February, earlier this year.

The ticket price is £35.00 but there are online ticket restrictions and the first six rows can not be bought online.

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