Bournemouth residents struggle to pay heating bills

Latest statistics have revealed that in Bournemouth, 10,556 people are living in fuel poverty given their income.

Residents say: “Heating bills are one of the highest ones and I don’t think that to be able to be warm at home should be that expensive.”

“If we have it on full time is very expensive.”

“I put the heating on only when it is actually really cold.”

Figures also show that the number of households across Dorset that cannot afford to heat their homes is 17,531.

The total for UK fuel poverty continues to increase and was recorded at more than 2.55m last year.

In response to the growing concerns, OFTEC, which represents the oil heating industry in the UK, is calling on local MPs for more support to people in need.

Many people will be struggling in silence without the support they urgently need.

Malcom Farrow, from OFTEC, said: “The levels of fuel poverty are truly shocking, and many people will be struggling in silence without the support they urgently need.”

He added: “From next year, all landlords will also be required to ensure their properties meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency which will provide some relief to those in rented accommodation.”

For more information and advice on energy efficiency click here.

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