Bournemouth Tories elect new group leader

Bournemouth’s ruling Conservative Group elects new leader, following the resignation of Peter Charon.

Cllr John Beesley has been appointed as the new leader of the ruling Conservative group in Bournemouth, and looks set to be elected the new leader of Bournemouth Borough Council.

The appointment comes after a special group meeting was held on Monday evening, following the resignation of former Conservative Group Leader and Leader of the Council Peter Charon, who had lost a of vote of confidence from his fellow Conservative councillors.

Cllr Beesley, who was acting as council leader following Cllr Charon’s resignation, stood unopposed.

Commenting on Cllr Beesley’s appointment Conservative councillor for Winton East, Theo Stratton, said: “He stood unopposed as he was by far the best candidate for the job.”

Cllr Stratton also said: “I couldn’t think of a better person for the job and one who will successfully unite the local party and ensure that we live up to our manifesto promises.”

Prior to his resignation as Leader of the Council, Cllr Charon controversially sacked cabinet member for Children’s Services and Education Cllr Nicola Green.

When asked whether Cllr Beesley would reappoint Cllr Greene to her previous role, Cllr Theo Stratton said: “I hope he does as Cllr Greene deserves her post back so she can continue the great work she does.”

When further questioned as to whether he knew of any other potential cabinet moves, Cllr Stratton replied: “I do know that there will be a few changes in the cabinet but no specifics.”

A vote will take place next Tuesday at Bournemouth Borough Council, where Cllr Beesley is to be nominated as the Tory Leader.

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