Eurozone crisis affects Greek BU Students

Greek students plan on staying in the UK, for better career opportunities, after they graduate as the Greek debt crisis continues.

Greek students are planning to stay in the UK after graduation as the Greek debt crisis continues.

The economic crisis in Greece started as a national incident and has soon become a symptomatic of a greater problem, affecting the whole Eurozone.

The crisis has had a serious impact on the daily lives of Greek citizens. International students from Greece who study at Bournemouth University (BU) are also feeling the pinch. The Greek students who study at BU says the impacts of the crisis effect them indirectly.

Bournemouth University student Maria Kokkali, 22, has become more financially cautious: “We have changed some of our habits in order to adjust to the current situation.” she said.

Those living in Greece struggle not only with a devaluing currency, but also regular strikes and protest activity. MA Public Relations student Polina Misiou, 22, says: “We are lucky enough that we do not have the same problems that we faced in Greece.”

The dramatic rise in unemployment is the most negative aspect of the situation in Greece, and is also a concern for Greek students in Bournemouth. Miss Misiou said: “Personally I was thinking to stay in UK because of wider career opportunities. The crisis is one more reason to stay in UK.”

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