Five must do things as Spring is coming

[portfolio_slideshow id=38473] This week started out with some interesting weather, and many Dorset residents were surprised to wake up to a blanket of snow on Monday morning. It’s chilly outside today, but certainly bright! The people of Dorset have been treated to a roller-coaster ride of temperatures recently, with the thermometer reaching highs of 15°C, but also dropping below zero. Despite the cold snap though, there is no doubt that Spring is on its way, and The Breaker has some images and tips for you to enjoy the new season, before the beach becomes full of tourists!

Discover your own environment

Changes in season can be seen around your own home and environment. When you come back from work or during lunch, why not take a walk around your living area and seek out traces of Spring? Red, pink, white, and yellow flowers will show you the power of life.

Take a stroll along the beach

If you wake up to a sunny day and clear blue sky, don’t hesitate to have a stroll along the beach. You can do it individually with your mp3 player, or together with friends or family. It all depends on you, just enjoy the golden sunshine, refurbished beach, turquoise sky, and cliffs scattered with yellow flowers.

Have a drink outside

Coffee, tea, or a battle of wine, it’s up to you. Let’s sit outside in your backyard or a café along the beach and drink some time up. You can think about the future and the past, talk with familiars, or just hear wind, birds and the sea.

Do outdoor sports

Bournemouth and Poole have so much to offer in terms of outdoor sports including basketball, tennis, surfing and mini-golf. You can even have fun on the sandy beach with a bit of football!

Check the weather forecast

Spring brings us hope and fun, but before you get carried away, check the weather forecast! Whenever you’re making your plans double check the weather and pack a set of warm clothes in case the temperature takes an unexpected turn, as we saw earlier this week!

All images taken by Eric Wang.

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