Residents lobbying for Poole road plan

Residents in Poole are lobbying for an alternative road plan, they think the council’s assessment is too poor.

Residents in Poole Quay are lobbying for an alternative road plan, thinking the council’s assessment is “poor”.

Poole council recommended changes to the road system between Hunger Hill and the two lifting bridges to create more capacity in the area. At Poole Quay Forum‘s meeting, residents agreed on a two-way plan which includes a walking and cycling lane, however the council preferred a one-way gyratory.

“We made recommendations after investigating. We compared the economical,environmental and social impact of both schemes on the network, scoring each according to a set of criteria. The one-way option scored higher than the two-way which is better for saving space,” said Aliis Harris, senior planning officer.

However Jon Dowty leader of this project in the Forum, disagreed: “The criteria they are using is incorrect and their assessment process is very poor. They focused more on designing a road and less on improving the town center.”

At the Forum meetings 82% of attendees supported the two-way option. They think it will not only create a link to the port, but also bring  greater accessibility for people to access the town center.

“The one-way system is a very old-fashioned way of designing roads it should have been changed 15 years ago,” Dowty said. “Poole town center is dying, we want it buzzing.” Dowty added: “It’s a charade! The council insists on the one-way plan. Once they decide, they won’t give much consideration to the alternative, but we will carry on.”

Kris Allenby, resident and shop owner in Poole Quay, said: “The council’s plan will cut the town into two pieces. Ours will make West Street friendlier rather, it’s more sustainable.”

But according to John Rice council’s transport manager, there is a long way to go before a final decision is made, “The council will decide next summer. The Forum and any others with interests will be able to put forward concerns or proposals.”

On a meeting that included both sides, they agreed that both options should be exposed to a public consultation. However this decision will be taken by Cabinet during their meeting on the 9th of December.

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