10 things you mustn’t do for Valentine’s

Valentines Day is a nervous time for men all over the world. Have they brought the right gift? Have they spent enough? Ilker Kocas speaks to the ladies of Bournemouth about what they expect and don’t expect for Valentines Day.

As Valentine’s Day (aka men’s biggest romantic test) approaches, we asked women at Bournemouth University what they thought were men’s biggest failures on the special day.

If you were thinking of buying her a fake diamond or taking her to your friend’s party you better think again. Men should keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is all about making your girlfriend, fianceé or wife happy. Here are some tips.

Put a huge mark in your diary on 14th of February, a crucial part of Valentine’s is not to forget about the day itself, said Geeta Patel.

Marilina Fourtoulaki believes that spending time together is a nice start. She said: “The biggest mistake would be spending time with his friends, but not with me.” She added: “Not answering my phone calls on that day would be even worse.”

Buying a little gift can easily put a smile on her face and will set the mood for the day. However, not just a random little gift. It should be planned and thought through, according to Zahra Roberts, 24.

Midori Intrator, 23, said buying a cheap present only proves you know next to nothing about your girlfriend. “Once my ex-boyfriend gave me a box of chocolates with fruit. There was still a $2 price tag on it. And guess what? I’m allergic to both — chocolate and fruit. The worst Valentines Day of my life,” said Ms Intrator.

Elena Manigetti, 25, believes that giving a fake diamond to a girl is a no-no. What could lead to a disaster is man not planning anything special for the day, said Elena.

The worst men’s failure for Dina Kanatouri, 25, is “buying a gift which will be for himself, such as video game”. She added that her worst nightmare would be if her boyfriend took her to a friend’s party rather than spending quality time with her.

Valentine's Day cliche? Photo: Peggy Greb/Wikipedia

Another critical mistake when it comes to gifts is to repeat a gift that you’ve already brought her before. “Buying the same old present means he did not care at all,” said Tavni Patel.

“Think outside the box, do not stick to the same clichéd ideas such as buying red roses,” said Maria Kokkali, 22.

Put in some effort, buy something sophisticated to prove that you care. If a man buys me “something that I need rather than something that I want or dream of it is really annoying and sad in a way,” said Shruti Swamy, 25.

So here is the formula  for how to make your Valentines Day special and unforgettable. Start with a special little gift showing that you care and you are madly in love. Secondly, remember to make the day all about time with your valentine, after all, it’s a celebration of love.

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