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Rocky Horror Show stars praise Bournemouth

The Breaker went along to The Rocky Horror Show and spoke with crew Kristian Lavercombe and Kit Craig-Lowden, about why Bournemouth was a great place to do The Time Warp!

The controversial Rocky Horror Show once again graced Bournemouth’s Pavilion at the weekend, with six limited shows.

Kit Craig-Lowdon, 30, is a guitarist for The Rocky Horror Show, said Bournemouth has been a great place for socialising. “Especially to celebrate the last week for our leading man (Stephen Webb) and the last week of the tour. The cast have had fun exploring the town, it’s clear Bournemouth has a great nightlife, as well as the beauty of the beach.”


Stephen Webb posts on Twitter an image of his last show playing ""
Stephen Webb tweets about his final show, at Bournemouth Pavilion | @stephenwebb1983

Kristian Lavercombe, 33, who plays Riff Raff, holds the world record for performing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the most times in 46 years! The Breaker asked him about performing in Bournemouth:

“I love how unpredictable the show can be and having the audience shout out lines of their own is like adding another character. Bournemouth has been great for this. It really ensures that the show is different every single night for everyone performing.”

“Rocky Horror fans were descending on Bournemouth from all across the country”

“I love Bournemouth, It’s beautiful and fun. I was really looking forward to the weekend shows and Bournemouth didn’t disappoint! We also added a show for Saturday night, as it was the final performance for Stephen Webb.”

“Rocky Horror fans were descending on Bournemouth from all across the country to give him a good send-off. As expected, the Pavilion was packed to capacity with fans dressed up and having a fabulous time. It was a night to remember!”

“It was a brilliant production”

Erin Baulcombe, a Rocky Horror enthusiast and Ringwood local, told The Breaker how she felt about the show. “I’ve actually seen it twice. As a fan, I really wanted to watch Kristian Lavercombe as I know he is a long-serving cast member. It was great to see Bournemouth dressed up and hear so many fans shout out and sing-along, it was a brilliant production and definitely brought some excitement to Bournemouth.”

Kristian posts on Twitter about Bournemouth beach with an image
Kristian posts about Bournemouth beach | @lavercombe


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