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Anois! TV: News for Irish teens

Anois! TV is a television news channel for Irish teenagers aged 13 to 19 (‘anois’ is the Irish for ‘now’). The channel's output will be original, compelling and specifically tailored to appeal to a young audience. Bulletins will be accurate, informative, energetic and visually stimulating, to catch and hold the attention of teens.
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Young Turks

Gaining attention of young people is such a hard mission in Turkey nowadays. Especially for a news channel aiming 13- 19 year old people as its target audience it is even harder.Young Turks which is a news channel for English speaking kids and teenagers Turkey will take some steps in order to by pass the difficulties.
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Let’s face it, if teenagers are given the choice of watching Eastenders, Big Brother, Tracey Beaker or the news, I would guarantee that a low percentage would choose the news. WATSUP news is a innovative news channel aimed at teenagers aged 13-19.
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