‘We make music by passing things back and forwards – we are correspondents’

The Correspondents are a two-piece band from Wandsworth, London. Their live show is a unique, incendiary blend of costumes, beats, jazz and a treadmill(!) Mark Wilson went to feast his senses on the duo when they played at Mr Kyps in Poole, where Mr Bruce and Chucks answered a few questions.
[iframe src=”http://thebreaker.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/hype/Q&A 2/Q&A 2.html” width=”1000″ height=”540″]

Thanks to co-contributor Nat Morris. She tweets and tumbles.

Go to The Correspondents website for more videos and audio.

Looking for a wide variety of live music in Poole? Try Mr Kyps.

Main image: Brendan Bell / Facebook

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