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Anois! TV: News for Irish teens

Anois! TV is a television news channel for Irish teenagers aged 13 to 19 (‘anois’ is the Irish for ‘now’). The channel's output will be original, compelling and specifically tailored to appeal to a young audience. Bulletins will be accurate, informative, energetic and visually stimulating, to catch and hold the attention of teens.
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News For Youth

Why watch the news but not sometime more casual after a heavy school day? Current research shows that youths are not so much looking for ‘news’ but a sense of belonging to their own life. News For Youth aims to bring Hong Kong teenagers back to watch news program more often with subjects that they are interested in.
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So what’s new…

Watching the news remind us of our parents forcing us to switch over at six o’clock to catch the events of the day. In 2009, Matthew Robson aged 15, helped compile a report about teenage media habits that revealed that teen’s today don’t consume ‘traditional’ media.
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