• Asia Rusting Assassins
  • Documentary Culture Shock. Film By Fadi Al Harbi
  • Documentary Mongolia-for-Breaker
  • News Brazil's other passion
  • Documentary Living in Limbo cover photo
  • Documentary Hazel known as Scarlet performing at Covent Garden Square.





Science & Tech

Windows 8.1 start screen aka the Metro interface

Windows 8.1 update

Windows 8 gets an update, less than a year after its initial release but it seems to expand on Microsoft’s new philosophy.


Jason Peachey getting ready for his show.

The drag dilemma

While Jason Peachey he has been Drag Queen, Baroness Peaches, for the past 6 years his brother and fiancé have never seen a show. We follow him in the lead up to a performance that will change this and reveal how his supportive family and, somewhat reluctant, fiancé will react.

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